Custom 2 Cushion

Custom 2 Cushion

Marrying the Ride Custom 2 Cushion with advanced RideWorks®scanning/ordering technology! The Ride Custom 2 Cushion offers superior skin and postural care in a comfortable, lightweight and simple design. A fast, clean, intuitive and accurate process allows shapes to be rapidly scanned, then sent, along with photos and order information, through the secure, encrypted iOS app. The cushion, made specifically to match each individual’s unique shape, helps decrease long-term skin risk and aids in sitting stability for improved functional performance. Well-suited for the traditional custom seating user, the Custom 2 also has unique features that make it a great match for active users and growing children. The Custom 2 Cushion is most effective when coupled with a Ride® back support to aid in postural support.

SKU: ride1003.

Provides superior skin and postural care in a comfortable, lightweight and simple design.

  • Amazingly lightweight

    Weighing in at about 1.8 pounds for an average 16 x 16" size, the Custom 2 Cushion is a fraction of the weight of other cushions.

  • Options for enhanced comfort

    The base of the Ride Custom 2 is softer than that of the original Custom Cushion. In addition, the cushion cover can be upgraded with Soft Fit options of either two or three layers of spacer mesh fabric.

  • Adjustable options

    Ride CAM wedges (included) can be used to adjust the cushion contours to accommodate weight change, tissue atrophy, and postural change. Optional well inserts can be added for gentle support to bony prominences and to maintain a high level of microclimate management.

  • Protects skin and enhances posture

    Ride's patented and evidence-based mechanism of support helps to enhance sitting stability and performance, while reducing the dangerous forces of pressure and shear from at-risk bony prominences.

  • Aids in temperature control

    The cushion contours and spacer mesh fabric cover promotes airflow to help keep the sitter dry and comfortable in virtually any climate. In addition, an optional Ventilation Channel, specifically located for each shape, can be placed at the position of best opportunity for air flow.

  • Growable

    The cushion can be grown in width and length at a fraction of the cost of a new cushion. Scanned shape capture files are retained at Ride Designs for future needs.

Widths Virtually any width
Depths Virtually any depth
Weight Varies depending on size
Weight Capacity 250 lbs (113kg) for cushions 20” (51cm) wide or narrower
300 lbs (136kg) for 21” (53cm) or wider